LiCi's Staff has gathered workout information, chalk talk, training and other resources.  

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Lilac City has partnered with CLNC and Coach Nick Ossello of the Premier Lacrosse League. 

Look for upcoming events Involving Coach Ossello and the CLNC Team Here. 



It's always time to get healthy and fit, here is a list of suggested workouts

Notre Dame Lacrosse sent out this 2020 Team Workout to current and former players.  This is great!!! - Link

Stuff your LiCi Staff Dug Up:

1.     Cone Drills – A staple.  Easy to set up, not easy to do (smiley face):

2.     Jump Rope – Jumping rope is great for foot, leg and arm strength and great for endurance.  This workout is good.  The guy leading it is a goof ball but ignore that and focus on the routine (and keep your shirt on).  If you don’t want to bother with the annoying guy, try this… Start by trying to do intervals of 30 seconds and work your way up to 2-minute intervals. If you’re really hardcore, try to do 10 rounds of 3 minutes w/ 1-minute rest in between each round.

3.     Squats – No weights required.  Hands on hips or pointed out straight, go down until upper legs are parallel to the ground.  Do 3 sets of 12.

4.     Pushups – Try this simple ladder.  1 (rest for 10 seconds), 2 (rest for 10 seconds), 3, (rest)…. on up to 10.  55 pushups. Do this 3 times a day.  Older guys, a set of 100 twice a day.

5.     Sprints – That part of practice most of you hate…but do some of this and you will hate sprints a lot less. Try 10 minutes of sprint intervals (ladders or 50 yard up-and-backs) rest for 30 seconds between sprints.  If you can get to a football field and try the 500 yard “sprint”.  That is, see how fast you can run the length of the field five times.  It’s too far to sprint, so pace is a key component.  Build endurance fast.

6.     Wall Sits – Legendary ND Defensive Coach Gerry Byrne, says he sleeps “in an athletic stance.” It’s a joke but getting “low” in lacrosse is key for good defense and this is meant to enforce that concept.  Help your athletic stance by doing 3 sets of 60 second wall sits (60 second rest in between).

7.     Long Runs - Do 1 long-run per week. Ultimately, try to work up to the point where you can set the timer for 1 hour and run at a steady pace for the entire time. Throw on some music and pace yourself (nice and slow to start) so you are not breathing very hard during the run.

8.     Tree Dodging and general goofing – There is no substitute for just having a stick in your hands or nearby.  This video is a little bit dramatic for my liking, but I do like that Paul Rabil shows some not-so-traditional ways of getting in reps with his stick.

Last, WALL BALL, WALL BALL, WALL BALL.  Watch this, video.  It is great.  But this is sooo simple.  Just hit the wall guys.  Just hit the wall.  Please do this every other day (at least).

Session Schedule (all @ 7pm PT)

Apr 9 Session - General Offense and Defense - ND vs Albany 2015                4.9 Link Here

Apr 16 Session - Man Up Man Down Principles - ND vs Maryland                  4.16 Link TBD

Apr 23 Session - Offensive Two-Man Game with Brent Adams.                       4.23 Link TBD

Apr 28 - Elementary School Rap Session with Coach Ossello

Apr 30 Session - Intro to College Lacrosse Recruiting                                    4.23 Link TBD

*** As Discussed - ND Lacrosse Recruiting Series with Coach Kevin Corrigan   Here

May 7 Session - Positional Break Outs (Face-Off, Goalie, Attack, Defense)

May 12 Session - Elementary School Rap Session with Coach Ossello II

May 14 Session - Intro to College Lacrosse Recruiting II